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Who We Are?

We - Onbic (ON Business Incubation Center), services for small business, our goal is to help create and grow young businesses by providing them with necessary support and business services.

We are a global professional business services organization. With headquarters in Colorado, we have helped many clients worldwide shape their brands for the future.

What We Do?

Many businesses start up with Onbic. We offer everything you need to get started with your business, include naming your business and brands, starting and maintaining your business, building your websites, designing your logo, registering your trademarks, incubating your business.

Onbic provides numerous benefits to the owners of startup businesses. We can establish marketing and customer service teams for you, reduce overhead and operating costs, and abandon traditional methods of starting a business. No need to hire staff, rent office space, or install telephone and network. Onbic offers a simple, efficient, and economical way of doing business today. You'll only pay one salary to three entities, or spend less than your office rent.

Manufacturing businesses can profit from us though our qualified resource integration. We can partner with workshops, equipment, and staffing. We can also provide R&D, along with technical services upon request. Lower operational costs and risk exposure ensure production efficiency. Our intigrated resources also include electronic manufacturing, machinery, metal processing, chemical and clothing production, as well as others.

If your business is manufacturing oriented, it will be fantastic to join us because of the resources integration. You are qualified to share the manufacturing, workshop, assembly lines, equipment, manufacturing workers, R&D personnel, and technical staff upon your request. This will lower your operational cost and risk and at the same time to improve production efficiency. The integrated resources include industries of electronic manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, metal processing, chemical and clothing industry, ect.

Onbic allows you to do more with less investment to match your products with the highest quality, efficiency, and with the shortest production times.


Business Registration

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Trademark Registration

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Business Incubation

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International Expansion

Are you ready to grow your business to China?

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